a teacher assisting children fill clean water from a source water dispenser
Maqulu School
Eastern Cape
150 hydropanels and the installation of a SAS water dispensing system for the learners.
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a young child and elderly man watch as his grand-daughter  clean fills water directly from a source hydropanel
Lujazo Village
Eastern Cape
Hydropanels were installed to serve treated water to 42 homes in Lujazo Village
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a man and women smile while standing in front of a large group of source hydropanels
Mtambalala School
Eastern Cape
Installation of 40 hydropanels at Mtambalala school.
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a group of 25 Source hydro-panels
Schoonspruit School
Western Cape
25 hydropanels were installed on concrete plinths to ensure that they were all level.
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three women walking while carrying water in containers
Samburu Girls Foundation
Samburu, Kenya
Over 1183 girls have been rescued and are sponsored in schools around the country.
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a large group of installed Source hydro-panels
Lobu Farm
A total of 100 panels were installed at Lobu Farm
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