The Future of
Sustainable Water

Energeia Water is the Distributor of SOURCE Technology in South Africa, since 2017, providing Sanitation solutions using waterless technology.
Very low carbon footprint
Renewable, resilient & reliable
Grid & contaminate free

How it works

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Featured Projects
Lujazo Village
Eastern Cape
90 Hydropanels were installed to serve treated water to 42 homes in Lujazo Village, freeing the community from the health risk of their previous untreated river based water supply.
Samburu Girls Foundation
An NPO whose primary work is to rescue girls from child marriage, beading and FGM. Over 1183 girls have been rescued and are currently being sponsored in schools around the country.
Maqulu School
Eastern Cape
The Chan Soon-Chiong Family Foundation funded the installation of 150 hydropanels and the installation of a SAS water dispensing system for the learners at Maqulu School.

Water is a limited resource

Humanity's traditional methods of sourcing and treating water, largely unchanged since Roman times, are under severe stress due to population growth, pollution, and climate change, with regions like South and Southern Africa particularly vulnerable.

(Image credit: National Geographic)

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Energeia Water is headed by Dr C Ringas who has been involved in the Water Industry for 39 years and has extensive experience in the municipal water market including water treatment, water quality, microbiological corrosion, material selection and corrosion prevention.
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